Current Food Security Situation of Taplejung (July 16-Nov. 15, 2013)

. Overall the food security situation of all 50 VDCs are classified as Minimally Food Insecured (Phase I)  having normal availabilty and accessibility.

. Food security situation is mainly due to Household stock for 4 months due to recent harvest of paddy, millet and previous stock of maize and high purchasing capacity through income sources.

. Income sources contributes from sale of cardamom, ginger, vegetables worth 130 crore rupees and livestock products especially meat, dairy products like milk, butter, hard cheese of 24 crore 4 lakhs.

. Remittance is the key factor for food security through which around 21 crore rupees inflow to the district during this period.

. Market stock is sufficient for 1 month due to regular supply and Nepal Food Corporation distributed 350 quintal rice and 250 quintal on stock.

. Market price of food commodities hiked by 5% as compared to previous trimester and by 15% as compared to last year for instance coarce rice gone up by 37 to 44 rupees.

. Drinking water supply improved to 80% HHs whereas sanitation by 56% and 6 VDCs are ODF declared out of 50 VDCs.

. No case of severe diseases, epidemics observed, wasting is reported to be less than 5% however civil security is normal though bandha and blockades for 10-15 days.


Outlook of Food Security Situation (Mid November 2013 -Mid March 2014)

. Food security situation will remain Minimally Food Insecure (phase I) for all 50 VDCs as Household remaining food stock will be for 3 months due to previous stock of paddy and maize.

. Market stock will be sufficient for 1 month due to regular supply followed by stable market price. Nepal Food Corporation (NFC) has 350 quintal remaining stock to distribute.

. Major income source continious through sale of cash crop (cardamom, ginger, vegetables), NTFP (chiraito, medicinal herbs, broom grass). LIkewise, livestock esp. meat and milk products are other source of income.

. Remitance too play a key role for livelyhood enhancement and food security improvement.

. Assumption of only seasonal diseases like pneumonia, jaundice and extreme cold may affect the normal life of people and wild animals mostly in high altitude region.

. Seasonal migration will be observed in high altitude VDCs like Olangchungola, Lelep, Papung.