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FOOD SECURITY SITUATION (16 July to 15 November'2013)

Overall, the district is Minimally Food Insecure with following the trend of last year same period and last reporting period. The Maize harvested, Paddy and Millet harvesting and remaining stock of previously harvested Wheat has made food available for more than 4 months in most of the households.

About 77% of the households (30718 out of 3883hh) have access to meet basic food  need by their own production, from the sources of income and remittance inflow.

Farm wage opportunities remained available in Paddy, Millet plantation and Maize harvesting. Besides that there are casual wage opportunity in ongoing construction projects in 21 VDCs. These projects creating 1450 mandays (same compare to previous cycle) wage per day  worth a total of Rs. 0.65 million/day out of working in the Betali-Khimti, Thosey-Preeti, Rasnalu-Chuchure, Manthali-Galpa SDC and Irrigation/DWS scheme (PAF/HSWC), Maintenance of Araniko Highway lanslide affected area road project supported by department of roads.

Main markets are well functioning with uninterrupted food supply as well as price is stable due to most of the main markets are connected to the all weather roads. Although there is road damage by landslide in Bhirkot (Dolakha) and Khimti area disturbed about 2 month in Pushpalal highway.

Rs.2.8 million/day income from sale of livestock products (engagged 4000 households from 30 VDCs) and Rs.3.0 million a day incoming remittance supported to stabilize the situation.

The security situation reported generally peaceful and no disasters and calamities were reported during the reporting period. Althoug there are 10 days general strike announced by CPN-Maoist.

The coping and livelihood strategies are traditionally same by Casual wage, remittance.

FOOD SECURITY OUTLOOK (16 November'2013 to 15 March'2014)

The overall situation will remain stable in the upcoming reporting period due to sufficient household food stock for more than 4 months due to Paddy and Millet harvested and production expected to be increasing.

Farm and construction wage opportunity in the district will be  continued in the road projects like; Khimti-Betali, Rasnalu-Chuchure, Thosey-Preeti, Manthali-Galpa(DRILIP, DRSP/SDC) and small Irrigation/DWS Schems (PAF, LILI and HSWC) within 21 VDCs. Farm related work opportunities will be available in harvesting of Paddy, Millet and planting  of Wheat, Maize.

There will be good income opportunities due to continuation of agri/livestock products, remittance.Besides that there will be harvesting season of Sweet Orange, Turmeric, Ginger, Timber, Lokta, Rajma beans, White beans, Lentils.

It is likely that the market food stocks will remain sufficient throughout the next quarter due to continuing means of transport facility and food commodities prices are expected to be stable as well as most of the markets are connected to road networks.

The coping habit will also predicted to be traditional like; wage labour, market purchase, remittance