Current Food Security Situation (July 16- Nov. 15, 2013)

. Overall total 41 VDCs are minimally food insecured (Phase I) as availabilty and accessibity are normal without changing their coping strategy.

. Household food stock on average for 4 months as recent harvest of paddy, millet and previous stock of maize with regular supply in market for food commodities.

. Income through sale of cash crop (cardamom, ginger, vegetables) worth 81 crore likewise livestock (meat, milk, butter, hard cheese) constributes an income of 66 crore 2 lakh rupees.

. Remittance play a major role of Household income as 22 crore and 5 lakhs rupees inflow to the district.

. Market price of food commodities hiked by 5% as compared to previous trimester and by 15% as compared to las year as instance coarse rice gone up from 35 to 40 rupees.

. 74% of HHs are equipped with safe drinking water supply system and sanitation facilities improved upto 90% as toilet facilities increased as 40  VDCs are ODF declared out of 41 VDCs except Phidim.

. No case of severe disease, epidemics observed and wasting is found to be 3% and civil securitry situation normal all over the district.


Outlook of Food Security Situation (Mid Nov.13 - Mid March 2014)

. Food security situation of all VDCs is predicted to remian Minimally Food Insecure (Phase I) as household food stock for 3 months due to previouos stock of paddy and maize.

. Market stock will be sufficient for 1 month with regular supply followed by stable market price.

. Income will be continious through cash crop-cardamom, ginger, vegetables and NTFP-chiraito, broom grass as well as timber cutting esp. utis. Livestock is second major source of income through sale of meat, and dairy products.

. Remittance also play vital role for livelyhood enhancement and direct impact on food security improvement.

. Minimum case of disease and no epidemicsa assumed to be observed and civil security will remain normal during this period.