Kaski Food Security Situation July-November 2013

• Summer maize  had already been harvested and the production was normal, likewise summer paddy is being harvested. So there is food stock sufficient for 4-5 months from recently harvested maize and previous stock of wheat in more than 80 percent HHs.                

• Employment opportunities from agriculture, development activities & construction works  including tourism are reportedly available. 

• There is sufficient food stock in the market to fulfill the demand and the price of rice is also normal (increased by 6-8 percent in compared to last year).                                                                                                      

• People rely on traditional livelihood mechanisms such as wage labor, selling of agricultural-livestock products, out-migration during this period.

• The food security situation of the district  will remain the same as Minimally Food Insecure.                                                                                                                                

• Sale of cash crop (green vegetable) and livestock product (meat & dairy) will be continued. Similarly there will be regular income from remittance and wage opportunity will also be available from agricultural, development activities & tourism.                                                    

• People will rely on traditional livelihood mechanism such as wage labour, sell of cash crops, out-migration.