Kapilvastu Food Security Situation July-November 2013

The Overall Food Security situation is normal. All VDCs and Municipality are   MINIMALLY FOOD INSECURE in this monitoring cycle.

• HHs have sufficient food stock for 9-12 month mainly from recent harvest of paddy and maize, which was main summer crops of the district.                                                                                                      

• This is the peak season of seasonal vegetable ,banana and  fish production and their sale was normal (Rs 205080 Thaousend). Similarly, livestock (milk, goat, chicken) sale was also good (Rs1312925 Thaousend)                                                                        

• Employment opportunities from some agriculture & construction works  including Factory are reportedly available.                      

• There was sufficient food stock in the market to fulfill the demand and the price of rice is also normal (increased by 5 percent  compare to last year). There was market stock also for 6 month.                                                                                                  

•There was no natural disaster causing food loss and civil security was normal during this cycle.     


Food Security Outlook

•The food security situation of the Distirct will remain the same as  minimally food insecure.                                                            

•HH food stock will be sufficient for more than 4 months from previous harvest (paddy)

•Good purchasing capacity from Sale of cash crop and  livestock product will be continued. Similarly, there will be income from remittance and employment opportunity will also be available in agriculture & factory. Market price may be stable due to sufficient stock and good road network and market stock will  remain same. People will rely on  traditional mechanism as wage,sell of cash crops, out-migration.