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All 43VDCs and 3 Municipalities of the districts are Minimally Food Insecure (Phase I)

In general, the food security situation of Jhapa is classified as Minimally Food Insecure with more than 70% households is able to access and consume food without changing livelihood strategies. Households have food stock for more than 4 months due to recent harvest of paddy. Household are  reported to have a gross increase income of 5% (NPR 201million) from sale of livestock products (meat, milk, egg) similarly gross income from sale of vegetables, fruits, tea were NPR239 million. District is highest remittance inflow (NPR 267 million) and there are wage opportunities in agricultural and construction fields. Around 25,000 people are getting wage opportunity working in Tea estate/garden and local industrial corridor. Market price of coarse rice gone up from Rs 35 to 39, compared to the last year same cycle. 85% HH access of drinking water is available all-round the district with 65% have sanitation facilities. Additionally normal situation of acute malnutrition reported to be 0.5% in average as well as normal situation of climatic hazards (flood, landslides, etc).

Outlook of food Security Situation (Mangsir to Falgun 2070)


District is expected to be remained normal as Minimally Food Insecure for the period of 16 Nov- 14 Mar 2014 (2nd trimester). Households' food stock will be sufficient as well as access to market purchases entire the district. Income from sale of livestock products (milk, dairy, meat, chicken, eggs, etc.) and cash crops (vegetables, Potatoes, Mustered etc.); income from wage opportunities in construction and industrial corridor and agricultural fields as well as remittance inflow. Market price is expected normal the markets as well as normal supply situation. Additionally, water supply system and sanitation facilities are predicted to be operational including normal situation of human diseases and climatic hazards.