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Dailekh District Food Security Situation July-November 2013

Fourty Six out of the 55 VDCs and 1 Narayan Municipality are in Minimal Food insecure and phase I (Cluster A). 10 VDCs such as Kalika,dwari,baluwatar,toli,Salleri,Naumule,bhawani,churatha,chamunda,pipalkot  are also  Minimal Food secure  phase I  Cluster B in this period. 

  According to DFSN  Meeting  The food security situation has Improve compared to last cycle (April to Jun 2013) and Improve period of last year. Which is mainly due to Summer crop Increase by 0.85%, seasonal vegetable and cash crop,Citrus,orange by 15% increase  cluster A,B due to Agriculture Development Office and Agriculture Research Centre provide improve seed and fertilizer to the farmer and technical support.  Winter potato,growing time strong disease around 20%lossed. . > 50% HHs with food stock for more than 4 months  on average house hold food stock own production.Due to currently harvested summer crop. HHs have good purchasing power due to  income from wage employment and sell of agricultural product.Maize,Paddy,Millet crop production is good harvested .the production is increase 0.85% increase. market price increase by 16 .7%,  Stock in the market due  Good to road and trail . HHs are Using the own household food stock, Receintly Maize,paddy,millet crop harvested.

Opportunity in wage labor, sell of vegetable, Sell of Orange  Collection NTFP khoto,timur,livestock products as good production,good income. 

 Different Development agency  Wage employment through the agricultural works and developmental activities like road, bridge, irrigation, private building construction    As  a total of  23308 households are employed in cluster A,B.

 Because of  employmnet opportunity and Summer  crop maize,paddy,millet, good production and increase by 0.85  %  maize .seasonal migration has increased by 15%.    

Food Security Outlook

The overall food security situation of the district (10 VDCs from Cluster B and 46 VDCs from cluster A) will Same in coming cycle. Because of summer crop like Maize, Millet and Paddy will be  stock own production, income will  continew from selling of vegetable, cash crop, Orange, citrus potato, livestock and livestock products. 

Remittance will start  receive from  pensan third country or  from India. They will  Developmental work will be started  from Government and I/NGOs , Wage opportunity will  available in the agricultural and infrastructure work  will start   in the Cluster A,B.

WFP RCIW  programme will start  ( Jan  2013) additional  Cash support programme. RAP,Hevitas Nepal,SAHAS Nepal,PAF,Care Nepal,RVWRMP,NCCS, MSFP,Food security and nutrition (GASP),USAID/ KISAN ,LWF,Oxfam,REJUFP High value project  will start Cluster A and B. They will be benefitted  25304 person per person per day earn money receive  NRS 300-400 Under this programme  Micro irrigation,road,building, infrastructure work and selling of orange,selling of khoto,Timur,selling of vegetable.