Highlights of food security situation of Bajhang (July 16 – November 15, 2013)

All (47) VDCs of the district are Minimally Food Insecure (phase I).

· Income from sale of Yarshagumba worth 65 crore 31 lakhs 20 thousands rupees and 46 lakhs 56 thousands rupees income through vegetable sale.

· Sufficient household food stock for >4 months due to normal harvest of paddy and maize respectively with in increment of 15% of paddy but 6% decreased of Maize.

Food Availability

· HHs level food stock sufficient for 4 months.

· Summer crops are completely harvested.

·  Rice purchased from local market due to good purchasing capacity.

Food Access (Physical and Economic)

·  Market stock sufficient for 1-2 months.

·  Local markets: Bithad, Suwalekh, Deulekh, Sunkuda, Bagthala, Bijgada, Deura, Jhota, Moribagar, Bhade, Tamail, Simkhet and Chainpur (Linked with terai market Dhangadhi)

· Market price of main food items increased by 10-15% compare to last year.

· Main food items Rice, wheat flour, potato, pulse, mustard oil, soybean oil and chicken meat.

· Wage opportunity: Agriculture and development works.

Food Utilization


· 16 VDCs declared ODF out of total 47.

· 76% HHs accessing safe drinking water.